Persistent reactive models in Flutter. With zero boilerplate.

Flutter Data is an offline-first data framework with a customizable REST client and powerful model relationships.

Apps using Flutter Data

Features 🚀

Repositories for all models
Built for offline-first
  • Hive-based local storage at its core
  • Failure handling & retry API
Intuitive APIs, effortless setup
  • Truly configurable and composable via Dart mixins and codegen
  • Built-in Riverpod providers for all models
Exceptional relationship support
  • Automatically synchronized, fully traversable relationship graph
  • Reactive relationships


Fully compatible with the tools we know and love:

FlutterAnd pure Dart, too.
Flutter WebSupported!
json_serializableFully supported (but not required)
RiverpodSupported & automatically wired up
ProviderSupported with minimal extra code
get_itSupported with minimal extra code
Classic JSON REST APIBuilt-in support!
JSON:APISupported via external adapter