Creating a new task

Let’s add a TextField and turn the input into a new Task. This time around we initialize the model via init (passing a Riverpod and immediately saving it.

class TasksScreen extends HookConsumerWidget {
  Widget build(BuildContext context, WidgetRef ref) {
    final state = ref.tasks.watchAll();
    final _newTaskController = useTextEditingController();

    if (state.isLoading) {
      return CircularProgressIndicator();
    return ListView(
      children: [
          controller: _newTaskController,
          onSubmitted: (value) async {
            Task(title: value).init(;
        for (final task in state.model)
            leading: Checkbox(
              value: task.completed,
              onChanged: (value) => task.toggleCompleted().save(),
            title: Text('${task.title} [id: ${}]'),

Remember to import flutter_hooks!

Hot-reloading once again we see our TextField ready to create new tasks:

It was that easy!

You may have noticed that there was a flash with [id: null] (we didn’t supply any ID upon model creation), until the server responds with one (in this case 11) triggering an update.

Be aware that our dummy JSON backend does not actually save new resources so it will always respond with ID 11, causing a confusing situation if you keep adding tasks!

Finally, remember to check out the debug console where you can find some Flutter Data activity logs!

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