Deleting tasks

There’s stuff we just don’t want to do!

We can delete a Task on dismiss by wrapping the tile with a Dismissible and calling its delete method:

class TasksScreen extends HookConsumerWidget {
  Widget build(BuildContext context, WidgetRef ref) {
    final _newTaskController = useTextEditingController();
    final state = ref.tasks.watchAll(params: {'_limit': 5}, syncLocal: true);

    if (state.isLoading) {
      return CircularProgressIndicator();

    return RefreshIndicator(
      onRefresh: () =>
          ref.tasks.findAll(params: {'_limit': 5}, syncLocal: true),
      child: ListView(
        children: [
            controller: _newTaskController,
            onSubmitted: (value) async {
              Task(title: value).save();
          for (final task in state.model)
              key: ValueKey(task),
              direction: DismissDirection.endToStart,
              onDismissed: (_) => task.delete(),
              child: ListTile(
                leading: Checkbox(
                  value: task.completed,
                  onChanged: (value) => task.toggleCompleted().save(),
                title: Text('${task.title} [id: ${}]'),

Hot-reload, swipe left and… they’re gone!

Remember to check out the debug console where you can find some Flutter Data activity logs like:

flutter: 25:691 [watchAll/tasks@1744b4] updated models
flutter: 25:693 [delete/tasks#4@1936e7] requesting [HTTP DELETE]
flutter: 26:266 [delete/tasks#4@1936e7] deleted in local storage and remote

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